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Fine Art abstract photography

by michael mccoy

Meet the visionary artist, Michael McCoy, whose life’s journey has been an exploration through the lens of a camera. A maestro of imagery, he spent a considerable part of his existence within the confines of a pristine studio, set against an immaculate white backdrop. While he achieved the dreams of his youth, a lingering emptiness in the artistic process urged him to seek a realm where chaos and creativity could coalesce. Thus, a warehouse became his sanctuary, an open expanse where experimentation knew no bounds, ultimately giving birth to a mesmerizing evolution of his artistry.


In Michael’s odyssey, akin to that of countless creatives, the pursuit of the unseen, the unimagined, drove his creative spirit. This artistic pilgrimage meandered through myriad forms before settling into its current incarnation – a style that encapsulates the essence of the abstract. With sweat as his ink and determination as his brush, Michael would immerse himself for hours on end, a willing captive to the lens. Within this cocoon of creation, fantastical worlds materialized – realms inhabited by dragons, monsters, and landscapes that defy the realm of reality. The alchemy of his process transmuted these ethereal visions into tangible marvels, each a piece of abstract fine art photography meticulously etched onto metal.


The act of creation transcends mere artistic expression for Michael; it is a therapeutic voyage, an unburdening of the soul, an immersion into the depths of his being. The resulting masterpieces, borne of this intimate dance between artist and medium, serve as profound conversation catalysts. A single glance at his work beckons forth the question, “What is it?” followed by a cascade of queries that stir the intellect and kindle the imagination. “What do you see?” and finally, “What does it make you feel?” These inquiries, a testament to the profound impact of his creations, invite viewers to embark on their own introspective voyage.


In the crucible of his artistic process, Michael defies the shackles of time itself. As he navigates the intricate tapestry of his work, minutes elongate into hours, and hours dissolve into an ephemeral whisper. This temporal transformation bears witness to the unbridled passion that infuses every stroke of his artistry.

“Art is the product of imagination set free”

– Michael McCoy

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