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Fine Art abstract photography

by michael mccoy




Welcome to the captivating world of Michael McCoy’s artistry. With a lens in hand and an unwavering passion for creativity, Michael has woven his artistic journey through the tapestry of life. The story unfolds against the backdrop of countless hours behind the camera, where Michael meticulously crafted his vision with precision and care. From his alchemical laboratory, inspiration flows as fluidly as the colors on his canvas. Each splatter, stroke, and splurge became a note in the symphony of his artistic expression. In every piece, there is an invitation to explore the duality of controlled precision and unbridled spontaneity – a reflection of the artist’s own journey.

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Fine art abstract photography

Created in Reality

Michael, like many artists, sought to create something that he had never seen before, only imagined. The creative process took on many forms and finally settled in this particular style. For hours on end, with sweat dripping from his forehead, Michael would get lost in the work, seeing other worlds through the lens and letting the imagination run wild with dragons, monsters and unreal scapes to behold. 

“The creation process is therapeutic in nature, and the results wind up as an exceptional conversation starter, as the art begs the question ‘What is it?’ and further ‘What do you see?’ And finally, ‘What does it make you feel?’”

– Michael McCoy

Suggested applications

Hotel - dining - resort - office - home

Tired of looking at that blank wall? Designing a new look in your home? Creating a new space in your office? Is your hotel lobby in need of an upgrade? Fill the space with a work of art that makes a statement like no other.

Fine art abstraction has the power to transform any environment, elevating it to new heights of elegance and sophistication. Our curated collection of exquisite fine art pieces are not just decorations, but profound expressions of creativity, culture, and emotion.


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